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BallotBox1 Webcam Archive Image:

BallotBox1 Webcam Archives:

We've collected a webcam snap at noon (or as close to noon as we can) on just about every day for a while now. It's fun to look back day-by-day to see what each day was like! Have a look for yourself! (It assumes JavaScript has been activated on your computer)



BallotBox1 Webcam Archives Video:

We've taken the noon snaps and weaved them into yearly videos, showing the scene change in time-lapse, two days per second. These videos are Windows WMV format:

2011 (2.6 Mb, 1:28)
2012 (4.9 Mb, 2:56)
2013 (4.9 Mb, 3:02)
2014 (9.3 Mb, 4:13)
2015 (21.5Mb, 3:18)

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